M04 deployment

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Mooring diagram of M04

Five of the seven current meters on the mooring. Two VMCMs (yellow mechanical current meters with vanes, in long cages); two Aanderaa RCM 11s (green); one Aanderaa Seaguard (blue). One more Seaguard and a Nortek Aquadopp were deployed.

Top flotation: 3 glass balls + R/F on strongback.Short lengths of 3/8in chain separate 3 pairs of SUBS. SUBS (streamlined underwater buoyancy system) were used to provide the required buoyancy with reduced drag relative to conventional glass balls.

SUBS ready to deploy

SUBS in the water





First CM (in the water) is an RCM11. Second CM (first VMCM) on deck. These are the top 2 CMs on the mooring.

First VMCM is the second CM deployed. CM are separated by 5 m of jacketed wire rope.

Second RCM11 is the 4th current meter deployed on the mooring.